Interview your community

Whether artist, influencer, community member or business, youth media take on projects that fit their style and interest.

Content Curation

Students create and curate content about their favorite interest with staple daily post and editorials of the week.

Content Creation

Students create music videos, vlogs, skits and other short and long form content created on mobile.

In-Studio Recording & Engineering Training

Student Interns gain access to audio-recording equipment to record voice-overs narrations, podcast, music and others audio content. Students learn how to mix & master in IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL sessions. 

Creative Mentoring

Students get access to creative mentors to help build effectiveness in music-writing, live performance, creativity and using life challenges as inspiration for their chosen passions.

Student CURATED Events

Students work with school personnel and event planners to host public events at their school and outside premises. We also aide student groups facilitate effective internal meetings and field trips for press coverage. *Application to be a ReRight Instructor, program support staff/vendor or event planner.

ReRight Media Productions

ReRight’s Content Mentoring program engages students through content creation projects based on social & emotional learning foundations. We predominantly use hip-hop culture and social trends to explore students’ various stages of development. Our mission is to build stronger school and community relations through the personal development of students.

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